I was born in Cuba, living there for the first seven years of my life. Those first seven years, I believed I was human like everyone else. Yet throughout the entirety of my school life here in the United States I was asked many questions by my peers, yet one of them stood out more than any other. It went something along the lines of, “Daniel, what are you?.” The first time I was asked this question I was taken by surprise and it actually made me think of what I was. I am just me, a person, a human just like everyone else. What my peers were referring to was my ethnicity and/or race. They presented the question in different ways as time went by, “You’re not from here, right? Are you mixed? What are you mixed with?” As time went by the questions changed format but still carried the same meaning. With this project I decided to focus on specific parts of myself that make me who I am. By zooming in to my face, hair, and hands, I start breaking down my identity. At the end of the day I am who am I.
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